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Admin Logins & Restricted Manager Access

Different Access Levels without Breaking your Budget!

iApplicants, powered by ApplicantPro, gives you the ability to set up applicant tracking restricted logins for your users because we know that each organization is different. Each has key players who will need access to their employment applications and screening software but not other departments.

Generally, most applicant tracking platforms use the number of logins as the main driver in their pricing, which means that with each new login you could see a substantial increase in your monthly price! iApplicants is different!

Pricing based on Employees, Not Logins!

Our pricing is based on the number of employees that you have, not how many logins you need. Lets face it, employee size is a better determiner of actual use of the software compared to logins. Request a price quote and you’ll quick see that our system is affordable, and we aren’t going to punish you for allowing your managers access to the system!

Restricted Access for Hiring Managers

Our restricted manager logins will allow you to provide access to your managers based on their department/location/branch as well as restrict them to only see the functionality that they actually need to use. We even have a way to only allow managers to see the applicants that you assign to them, keeping them from wasting time browsing through applicants that you already screened out of the process.

Lets Talk about your Process!

True, we have many different ways to setup logins and restrictions, but it is much easier than you think! Schedule a live demo and we will personally walk you through your hiring process and needs, and then recommend exactly the type of logins that your managers need. Complete the form, to schedule a live demo and we can talk about the individual applicant tracking restricted login needs of your organization.