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Get To Know Us So You Know Who You Are Dealing With!

iApplicants is managed by a team of professionals who are uniquely qualified to provide you the best possible experience in managing your hiring process and in learning more about applicant tracking. We aren’t a one-man-show! Our team includes account reps, support staff, programmers and management who work together to provide the highest level of service to our customers!

Customer Base Matters!

You aren’t going to be in our beta group, and we aren’t trying to figure out how hiring software should work! The Internet is littered with small start up companies, working out of their mom’s basement or parents garage, who may not be around next week. There are also many HR service providers (background checks & assessments) who are trying to build their own ATS system in order to expand their client base, and really don’t have the knowledge of how hiring platforms need to work. That’s not us!

iApplicants is proud to be celebrating it’s 5th year in business and to currently be serving over 850 employers! Each month 20 to 30 additional employers choose iApplicants because we are the right solution for their hiring needs, and provide them with the knowledge and experience that they are looking for.

Don’t be a Small Fish in a Big Pond!

Over the last few years, many enterprise ATS companies have decided to start targeting small and mid-sized businesses with their products. It might sound impressive to be working with a company that also provides software to many of the Fortune 500, but at the end of the day, will you really matter to them? Will they treat your problems like they are important, or will you be brushed off because you simply don’t pay them enough money to be important? Is their low introductory fee really what you will end up paying, or are there thousands of dollars worth of hidden fees and upgrade charges that you will be hit with as you ask for additional features?

Focused on Small & Mid-sized Business Hiring Tools

iApplicants has always and will always be focused on small and mid-sized employers. We aren’t trying to be everything to everyone, and we honestly will not sell our system to you if we feel that it doesn’t fit your specific needs. We aren’t trying to build payroll or HRIS software, but are completely focused on helping our clients improve their hiring process. Our tools are based on the idea that the best hiring process maximizes the numbers of people who apply, and then provides tools and assessments to be used to quickly filter and screen out those people who are not qualified for the job.