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Our System Hardly Ever Has A Setup Fee, Call Us and Find Out!

Interested in an applicant tracking system but with no ATS setup fees. You are in luck! One of the biggest benefits of iApplicants is how quick and easy it is to get setup and ready to use. More importantly, there is almost never a set up fee! That’s right, the standard setup of iApplicants, including your branded careers site & adjustments to our default employment application (adding, removing, and changing questions), comes with absolutely no setup fees! This fits the needs of over 97% of our clients!

There are times when our out of the box system and standard customizations simply won’t fit the needs of a client. In these special circumstances, there may be some small setup fees to completely customize the system. This rarely is the case, but when it is, you can expect to only spend around $200 to $500. Again, in all likelihood you will have no setup fee to get up and using iApplicants, but we believe that you should know all potential fees up front, not find out later about hidden fees to get the system you really want.

If you’d like to know if there will be a setup fee for your specific system, simply request a demo with one of our account reps and request a free trial. As part of the demo and trial process we will completely set up your iApplicants system and know exactly what types of customizations will be required to provide you with a system that fits your needs.