Applicant Tracking System Got you Down?

Applicant Tracking System Experts
Are you still accepting emailed resumes? Do you sort and forward them on to managers or use desktop folders to organize them based on the job? Do you have stacks of paper applications, or maybe you've built an internal database that is a nightmare to use because it requires that you manually enter each applicant? Are you tracking and reporting on your process using endless spreadsheets?

Sounds like it's time for a new Applicant Tracking Process:

It's not too expensive, not too hard, and not too much work! We are experts at helping small and mid-sized businesses make the jump from paper and spreadsheets to web-based hiring process tracking. We can make it completely painless!


Getting started is a breeze!

Our Online Applicant Tracking System is so simple to get up and running on iApplicants, you'll wonder why you put it off so long. Our setup process is quick and painless, because we do all the work for you. Your entire system can be online, customized to match your website and hiring process, with jobs posted and applicants flowing in a matter of days. And we never charge a setup fee!
  • Step 1: Request a Free 30-day Trial
  • Step 2: We customize your careers site to match your company website and adjust all of your settings
  • Step 3: Your dedicated account manager will get you trained and on your way


We are about service, not just software!

We understand that your company is unique, and has very specific challenges because of your size and industry. Our goal is to first understand all of the issues you are facing when it comes to hiring and compliance, and then to provide you with a custom and comprehensive solution to meet those unique needs. What's more, your dedicated account manager, and our support team, will be there to help you constantly improve your hiring process and results.

Attract the right job seekers

We don't just take your legally reviewed job description and push it to the job boards. Our system will help you customize and target the ad to ensure that it ranks high when search for, and drives the maximum about of traffic to your career site. You'll be able to reach candidates from job boards, search engines, social media sites and more!

Convert them into applicants

Don't leave your applicant flow up to chance. Our system is designed to convert job seekers into active job candidates, and our support team (and your dedicated account manager) are experts in helping you optimize your career site to generate a steady flow of new prospective hires.

Screen out those who don't fit the job requirements

Stop reading through stacks of resumes. Our system allows you to set up a list of job specific screening questions that will make it a breeze to filter out those applicants who don't meet the minimum requirements for your job.

Integrated & automated phone screening

Tired of playing phone tag with job seekers? We can put your phone screening on auto pilot via audio and video based interviews.

Integrated assessments & background checks

Ready to take your hiring process to the next level? We have integrated hiring assessments (behavioral, cognitive, skills) as well as fully integration background checks. Hiring the right people has never been so easy!

Share them with managers

Once you have a short list of qualified candidates, sharing them with your hiring managers is a snap. Applicants can be instantly shared via email, or you can provide your managers with restricted logins that will get them access to just the job seekers you want them to see. And don't worry, manager logins won't break your budget!

Applicant Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and reporting isn't just about compliance. It is vital for you to be able to track each step of your hiring process to reduce time, money, and bottlenecks. Our team of "hiring optimization experts" will help you each step of the way as you work to improve and streamline your process and maximize your results.

Pricing that won't break your budget

Our pricing is based on the number of employees you have, not how many logins you use. This makes it affordable for even the smallest organization. Our average clients spend just $100 to $200 per month, that's the total price, not the per-user price. And we don't try to gouge you for additional features.

For a more comprehensive list of iApplicants features and functionality, visit our features pages. Or better yet, sign up for a live demo and one of our helpful account managers will provide you with a demo of our system and how it will fit with your unique hiring process.



Inexpensive. Fast to implement. Quick & helpful support staff. I like the automatic reporting. Great integration with our website. - Melanie, VP of HR

This system makes my life easier by allowing me to ask certain questions on the application, thus allowing me to prescreen applicants. Easy to use, customer support is awesome and will have an answer for you a.s.a.p! The copy jobs features helps me get professional jobs online and posted in a flash. I would recommend iApplicants to anyone, it is easy to use, multifunctional, and a great prescreening tool! - Wesley, Professional Recruiter

We used to have multitudes of paper and file cabinets full of resumes. We had to build a database to keep track of them and resumes were coming from every direction. We were only getting applicants that knew to come directly to our website. Our new applicant tracking system attracts candidates from Indeed, CareerBuilder and social media, and our job seekers are all organized in a system that allows us easy access to their information. Our candidates are now more qualified. Getting applicants over to hiring managers is a breeze, and the email notification features allows us to make contact with job seekers and keep them informed about where they are at in our hiring process. - Wendy, HR Manager