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Post your jobs in a few easy clicks.

Once your branded career site is up, you are ready to post your open positions.

It is easier than ever with our applicant tracking system. Save listings for future posting, push the listing out to hundreds of job boards: free, paid, diversity, and even location specific. With one more click push your jobs to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It really is the easiest way to spread the word about your open jobs.

Post jobs to hundreds of job boards through the applicant tracking system.

Save Job Listing for Simple Future Posting

You write your job ad and find a candidate. Two months down the road, you need to post the same job ad. Don’t retype and repost to the individual job boards anymore.

Type your job ad up once in iApplicants, we save it for you and have it available to post whenever you need it. Make adjustments where needed and post in just a few clicks.

Take less time on the mundane so that you can focus more on your people.

Post to Branded Career Sites

Once your job ad is ready, it will automatically update your company branded career site and will be the place where you can send any walk-in or email traffic.

Once the job closes, it will automatically be removed and unavailable for future job seekers.

It really is that easy.

Post jobs to your branded career site and hundreds of other job boards with a few clicks.

Push to Free Job Boards and Aggregators

Do you have a favorite job board that works well for your applicant pool? Chances are we allow you to post to those job boards directly within the system.

We have thousands of free job boards and aggregators for you to choose from and once you save them to your favorites, you simply click to post your job and it pushes your listing to all specified job boards.

Simple action, large impact.

Push to Paid Job Boards

Have you found success using paid job boards such as Monster.com or CareerBuilder.com?

With iApplicants powered by ApplicantPro, it is so easy to publish your openings to paid job boards.

Simply add these job boards to your push and provide us with your account information or a credit card. Sometimes we have great negotiated pricing that we pass on to our clients. So, make sure to check that out.

Push jobs to paid job boards through our integrated job push feature.

Push jobs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others through integrated social media push.

Social Media Posting

More and more applicants are using social media to find employment. Be found by posting your jobs there as well. It is so easy in iApplicants and it doesn’t even interfere with the Marketing department’s efforts.

You can push to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for one or all jobs depending on your preferences.

In a few clicks, you can make sure that your jobs are seen on social media.

Mobile Optimized

Our career sites and job listings are all mobile optimized and responsive on tablets, phones and other similar devices.

Nothing needs to be done on your part for your applicants to be able to apply through these devices and they come to you looking the same as the desktop applications.

We take care of the details for you.

Applicant tracking system that is mobile optimized to capture the most applicants possible.

 Career Site

We help you get your application online and onto a professionally branded career site.

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