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Screen & Track Your Applicants

Filter out your best applicants based on the criteria that are most important to you and your department managers. Automate and coordinate customized statuses, 5 star ratings, notes, job specific questions, and more.

Online employment application, just one feature of our affordable applicant tracking system.

Online Employment Application

Are you using email to collect resumes and employment applications? Even though email is an invaluable tool, it will let you down when it is time to search for a particular applicant, to track their status, or anything else.

iApplicants, powered by ApplicantPro, gets your application online in a format that is easy for your job seekers to find and complete and even easier for you to use when selecting applicants.

1 or 2-Stage Applications

If your job ad is not performing as well as you had hoped, it may be because the length of your application is scaring jobseekers away. But you need the information listed there. So, now what?

Enter the iApplicant’s two-stage application. Grab a few quick pieces of information from as many applicants as possible right up front. If you like what you see, invite them to complete the rest of the application.

Turning this two-stage application feature on for our clients has resulted in sometimes a 50% increase in applicant traffic!

Your choice: 1-stage application or 2-stage application. Or try them both.

Get more applicants with our 1 or 2 step online application.

Screen track applicants with customizable job screening questions.

Job Specific Screening Questions

This feature allows you to create customized questions based specifically on the job you are hiring for. Some examples might be, “Are you able to lift 50 lbs consistently?” or “Do you have a current driver’s license?”. These questions help you communicate job expectations with your applicants and also get you answers to your most important questions.

Automatic disqualifiers can be applied to a question to weed out those that don’t meet your basic qualifications.

Let your most qualified applicants rise to the top, automatically.

Manage Your Applicant Flow

Some positions will have a huge response from applicants. Rather than sifting through a pile of resumes or going through each emailed resume one by one, iApplicants, powered by ApplicantPro, helps you think about the best applicant for this position and then allows you to disqualify those that do not fit that criteria.

Nothing permanent is done. Those that don’t qualify are simply hidden from your view but can be seen by changing your dropdown option. It simply allows you to see those that are the best fit first, cutting down on the time you spend reviewing unqualified applicants.

You can also make the application window as short or as long as you would like in order to manage the amount of applicants that can apply.

More plentiful and organized applicant flow with our recruiting software.

Shared notes and 5 star rating for applicants with our recruitment software.

Add Star Rating and Notes

Manager collaboration can mean all the difference in finding the right fit for an open position. iApplicants allows you to have as many users as you want. In fact we encourage you to include all those that will contribute to hiring decisions.

Through notes, activity logs, and even a 5 star candidate rating system, collaboration is so easy.

Email References

How many times have you called to check on an applicant’s references only to get voicemail after voicemail? This delays your ability to fill the opening and can be frustrating.

Since email is the main source of communication for many, we allow you to email applicant references in order to gather important info on your applicants. This action is logged and responses are recorded in the system.

Use our Applicant Tracking System to ask for references over email for smoother, faster responses.

Manage applicant statuses with our application software, iApplicants.

Manage Statuses

Keeping your applicants organized throughout the hiring process can be tedious. But with iApplicants, you can customize the statuses to meet your needs (and update them as you need).

Updating the statuses at each contact with your applicant pool also keeps you compliant and makes it easy at the end of the year for those that need to report on their affirmative action plan.

Stay organized and compliant while making your life easier.

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