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Interview & Select Candidates

Moving your candidates through to the next phase can be exciting but can create challenges in communicating and keeping all of the details straight. iApplicants makes it so that you track each step from requesting the interview through to the onboarding of your new hires.

Text Your Applicants for Quicker Response

Once you have selected those that you want to interview, getting ahold of them is your next challenge. Many times if your number isn’t known, the applicant will not answer. This can create a challenge when asking for an interview or requesting additional information.

That is why we created the texting option within the system.

Texting your applicants significantly speeds up the response time and gets you closer to scheduling that interview and filling your opening.

Interactive Inbox Feature

Everyday we are bombarded with emails from employees, managers, sales people, advertisements, etc. Adding applicant emails to that mix makes it even more complicated and hard to keep track of.

Customer feedback led us to create the ability for you to send and receive emails to your applicants directly within the system and to keep a record of those interactions stored within the applicant’s record.

This allows you (and your hiring managers) to keep everything straight and see the most complete picture of your applicants at any given point in time.

Thank You Emails & Rejection Notices

Communicating with your applicants is key to retaining your brand and for setting the best impression for your new hires.

After an application is submitted, candidates will receive a customizable Thank You email from you. After further review, if it turns out they are not the right fit; a customizable Rejection Notice email can be sent to a specific group letting them know the news.

Thank You emails and Rejection Notices emails can be modified according to your needs and can be sent with a just a few clicks.

Status Tracking for Affirmative Action

Tracking each individual applicant and their status throughout the hiring process can be tedious and frustrating on an excel spreadsheet or other manual means.

Let iApplicants, powered by ApplicantPro, do that for you. Simply change the status in your customizable drop down menu and forget about it. Come January, print out the report and pass it on.

Our compliant reports are available at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Integrated Skills & Pre-Employment Assessment Testing

Are you curious about an applicant’s typing speed or wish you could understand their attitudes toward drug use in the work place?

Our integrated skills testing and assessment testing give you a view deeper than just what is submitted on a resume.

Test a specific skill such as typing, comfort level with Excel or others during the application or interview process. Questions about integrity, honesty, and more are answered by top candidates (or all candidates in your pool) at the time of application or as a next step. Once completed the results appear within the software.

Either type of test is fully integrated and results are brought back into the system and are viewable along side of all applicant information.

Put candidates up against your top performers to see what a fit they truly are before you even hire them.

Integrated Background Checks

Background checks are always a good idea and many times are required by law.

With integrated background checks through iApplicants, it doesn’t have to be your full time job.

From directly within the applicant’s record, initiate the paperless background check, whether it be a criminal check, a verification, drug testing, or DOT regulated employee checks, we do them all and we do them well.

Our turnaround time, our quality, and our customer service team are unmatched. Once complete, the results come back into the system and you are notified.

Integrated Paperless Onboarding Paperwork

Once you have selected your candidate and they have accepted your offer, new hire paperwork comes next. But why not have it be paperless and integrated into the original employee’s profile along with their resume, application, and notes.

Once the paperless paperwork has been set up one time, simply invite your newest hire to complete the paperwork over email. On their own time, at their own convenience, they can complete the paperwork and submit it.

The paperwork is available to view, store, and even print if you wish. Everything is secure and encrypted.

Have a new form for open enrollment or have a new drug and alcohol policy you need all employees to complete? No problem, we help you add the form and then simply invite them to complete it over email.

 Track Applicants

Filter out your best applicants based on the criteria that are most important to you.

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