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Mix and match solutions for your hiring process.

Applicant Tracking

Our applicant tracking system helps you do everything from setting up a career site all the way through to offering the right candidate a position.

You get a branded career site set up for you, online application, job push to hundreds of job boards (more than any other applicant tracking system!), the best communication available with interactive inbox and texting features, unlimited manager logins, and much more.

Background Checks

Stay compliant and do it even easier with iApplicants’ integrated background check functionality.

From within the applicant tracking system, initiate a background check and we take care of the rest with your applicant. We find a location close to them, send them the required documentation, and then notify you when the results are returned.

Make your next hire the easiest one yet and still stay compliant.

Assessment Tests

Wish you could know if your next hire is a good cultural fit? How about if they have integrity? Or wonder how they feel about work place drug use?

Pre-employment assessment testing gives you some insight into an applicant’s viewpoints, values, and workplace integrity. Using these proven assessments as part of your hiring will lead to a better understanding of whom you are hiring and how they will fit within your organization.


Once you have made the decision to hire, onboarding is critical and can mean the overall longevity of your latest hire. Get it right with integrated paperless onboarding that can be initiated directly within the system and completed online. With a password protected login, he or she can input their information at their convenience even before their first day on the job!

Form change for open enrollment? No problem, update your new hire packet for open enrollment easily and all employees can access and sign their forms online.

Tax Credits

The United States government offers several tax credits for hiring certain individuals. These credits can come in the form of a tax break or in the form of a payment to the organization. Either way, your company may be missing out on money.

We help you identify and submit paperwork for these tax credits through an integrated system within iApplicants.

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