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Compliant Reporting & Hiring Analytics

It is one thing to hire using an applicant tracking system. It is an entirely different thing to take that hiring data and to run reports, analyze the data, and to share it with your managers and executives. This is the step that makes you a strategic member of your team. Reports within iApplicants, powered by ApplicantPro, and our amazing team helps you become more strategic.

Affirmative action reporting at your fingertips.

Canned Reports and Build Your Own Reports

Thousands of clients and millions of job seekers has helped us create an arsenal of useful reports in a user friendly section of the system.

Gain valuable insight into your applicant pool, how they arrived at your site, how long it took you to fill your openings, veteran percentages and dozens more.

If these don’t suit your needs, build your own with our easy to use report builder and pull your applicant data the way you need, whenever you need it. Including for affirmative action tracking and reporting.

Hiring Analytics

Have you ever wondered where your job seekers are leaving the application process? Would you like to see how many job seekers are visiting your career site, if they started an application, and how they found your job ad?

Our robust reporting section gives you visibility into your job seekers and places that you can improve.

Hiring analytics and AA reporting whenever you need it.

Compliance reporting for EEO, OFCCP, and affirmative action.

Stay compliant with EEO Reporting

Affirmative action plans can be tricky to navigate and track if you aren’t using an applicant tracking system to help.

iApplicants makes it simple for you to track applicants, allow them to declare, track their hiring status and reason codes and then in a few clicks run a compliant report in several formats and even export it, if it helps.

We want you to have what you need, when you need it, as simply as possible. Reporting with iApplicants makes that possible.

 Interview & Select

Track each step from requesting the interview through to the onboarding of your new hires.

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