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HRIS: Human Resources Information Tracking System

Easy to Use, Flexible, & Inexpensive HRIS

iApplicants integrates with an online employee database provider (also known as an HRIS) that gives you instant online access to your employee records, relieves paperwork headaches, and reduces employee management costs for small and mid-sized businesses. The HRIS system can be used even if you do not use iApplicants, but iApplicants clients get the added benefit of being able to quickly transfer new hire information directly from iApplicants into the HRIS.

HRIS Features

Manage Employee Records

Easily organize all of your employee information in one online HRIS database! Securely manage information such as employee personal data, job responsibilities, benefits, contact information, hiring checklists, and much more in one central location instead of 10 different spreadsheets.

Track Required Employee Training

Providing the proper training to your employees is vital to ensure that they are successful on the job. Our featured HRIS provider will help you track each employee’s required and completed training such as first aid, CPR, food handler’s permits, and other required employee training and certifications.

Store Important Employee Documents

Store your forms, applications, training documents, employee handbooks, and much more in our simple, secure system. No more worrying about making sure all your locations are using the most current version!

New Hire Tracking & Onboarding

New employees waste much of their first day on the job filling out endless forms when they could be getting to work. The HRIS system allows you to track the specific steps of your onboarding process, and allows you to print out all of your new hire paperwork already pre-populated with the employees information and ready to be signed.

Employee Database Reporting in Real Time

From reports as simple as birthdays, to details on benefits enrollment, this system can give you what you need right when you need it. Keep your team up-to-date on your organization with reports that take minutes rather than hours to create.