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Pre Employment Testing | Custome & Integrate Employment Testing

Pre Employment Testing is a great way to screen and filter employment applicants! iApplicants provides a line of fully customizable and completely integrated hiring assessments. These tests can help you further screen your applicant pool in order to quickly find the best applicants.

Fully Integrated Pre Employment Testing

Our Pre Employment Assessments are FULLY INTEGRATED. We aren’t just talking about giving the assessment as part of the application process by directing them to a 3rd party website. Our pre employment testing engine is part of the iApplicants system. This means a completely seamless applications process for your applicants, assessment scores that appear on the employment application, a direct link to the reporting, and the ability to pull the scores as part of our screening reports.

Out-of-the-box or Customizable Pre Employment Testing

Most employers select one of our out-of-the-box Assessment Tests solutions. If one of those pre-defined tests don’t quite fit your needs, you can customize any of our assessments by choosing which sections to remove, adding additional sections to the test, or just starting from scratch using our job survey tool to come up with a list of suggested sections to use.

Cognitive Skills Testing Sections

Cognitive skills testing can help determine whether an applicant will be able to successfully learn and perform the required duties of the job. Cognitive based questions help determine the applicant’s ability to think quickly, solve problems, and interpret data. These sections can be combined with any number of our behavioral sections to create a custom assessment.

Behavioral Traits Assessments

Behavioral Trait Assessments can help predict the future performance of an applicant and if they will perform the job in the way you want it performed. The goal is to pick the specific behavioral traits that are related to the success in the job you are hiring for, then measure your applicants and see how they compare to previous good and bad hires.