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iApplicants Applicant Tracking – Webinar Schedule

See How iApplicants Can Improve Your Hiring Process & Applicant Tracking

Are you looking to make your hiring process better and easier to manage? Are you looking for ways to generate more qualified applicants on a tight budget? Are you being buried with job seekers with no easy way to screen out those who are not qualified and predict which ones will make great employees? We provide educational as well as sales webinars that will help you learn how to accomplish all of these things whether you end up using iApplicants or not. To signup for a webinar, just select a time below that fits into your schedule, and click on the webinar title to be taken to the registration page.

iApplicants Educational Webinar Schedule

Our educational webinars are designed to provide you information about how to improve your hiring process to make you more effective at finding top performers while reducing your headaches and costs. The information provided can be used to effectively improve your hiring and screening process whether you use iApplicants or not.

  • Keywords – the Key to Qualified Applicants – Check Next Available Webinar
  • Better Understanding Your Applicant Pool – Check Next Available Webinar
  • Staying Ahead in the Hiring Game by Adopting Mobile Recruiting – Check Next Available Webinar
  • Technology – The Modern Approach to HR Strategy – Check Next Available Webinar

iApplicants Demo Webinar Schedule

Attending an iApplicants Demo Webinar, we will give you a live demo of our system, how it is used by our average client, and allow you to ask questions that you might have as well as listen to the questions of other attendees on the call. Generally our demo webinars last for 45 minutes. If you can’t make it for one of these presentations, or would like to have your own personal demo presentation, call 888-633-9269 to contact our sales department.

Can’t Find a Spot in Your Schedule?

If your schedule won’t allow you to attend one of our webinars, you can watch any of our online presentations any time by clicking on one of the links below, or call one of our sales team at 888-633-9269 to request a live demo.

Applicant Tracking Features & Benefits
Applicant Tracking Demo Presentation

Applicant Tracking System Demo
Applicant Tracking Demo Presentation