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Assessment Test | Helping Employers With Job Assessment Tests!

iApplicants Integrates with Hiring Assessments

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Our Applicant Tracking System integrates with Assessment Tests from a variety of assessment providers that will take the guesswork out of hiring! iApplicants integrates with a variety of legal, valid, and reliable personality assessment tests that will allow you to learn valuable information about the applicants before you even meet them for an interview. Our Assessment Tests can be tailored to meet the specific needs for your organization, and many provide interview guides to be used by your hiring managers with legally reviewed questions.

iApplicants will help you pick which assessment test or combination of career assessments to give to your job applicants based on the job they apply for. Why would you rely solely on the information provided to you by your applicants? We help get you information so that you can make better hiring decisions!

Career Assessment Tests can Screen for Sharks in Your Applicant Pool

Compare applicants with each other, and with the working population on Integrity, Reliability, Work Ethic, & Substance Abuse! Our Career Assessments can provide you with valuable information about the people who want to work for your company. These Career assessments tests will score applicants to the US working population and provide valuable insights into how the applicant will fit into the corporate culture of the organization. The assessment results come in the form of an interview guide that will provide you legally reviewed interview questions to used by your hiring managers!

Job Assessment Tests can Match an Applicant to your Jobs

Compare the thinking style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests of the applicants with the scores from your top performers in that job! The right Job assessments help analyze a person’s job-related attributes and compare them to the qualities required to perform successfully in a particular job. These Job assessments tests allow creating a “success pattern” based on the benchmarking for your current top performers. Next, you compare the results to your applicants assessments to the success patterns of your current job openings to see where the applicant will best fit in your organization.

Sales Assessments can Increase Your Company Sales Revenues

Compare your job seekers with the traits for your High Performers! Sales assessments can help beat the 80/20 rule in your sales team’s performance. Stop wasting your time trying to train and coach new hires who simply don’t fit the job. Using these sales assessments, you can increase the likelihood of picking a top performer with each hiring decision. How does it work? First measure the company’s top performers to find out what it takes to succeed. Second you validate your patterns by comparing your bottom performers. Finally, you assess all your sales applicants and compare them using the information from your top and bottom performers.

Customer Service Assessments can Increase Customer Satisfaction!

Compare applicants against the customer service traits of your best employees to build customer loyalty, client satisfaction, reorders, and referrals. Our assessment tests help build a team of employees dedicated to service the specific needs your customers are asking for. Many also include a set of questions to compare the customer service views of the applicants against the answers of the management team. These Customer service assessments are customizable to the specifics your company needs by comparing applicants to your top customer service reps. These tests come as a general application or specific to industries such as retail, finance, insurance, banking, hospitality, health care, and many others.

If you Currently use Job Assessment Tests in Your Hiring Process, we can Customize Your iApplicants ATS is built to help Automate the Assessment process. If you currently don’t use Job Assessment Tests, but would like to learn more about what is available, we can help with information that will help you find the right one for your specific needs.
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