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ATS Pricing that Fits your Budget | Free Trial Our ATS Today!

Most applicant tracking systems set their fees based on the number of logins used. The problem with this setup is that it is possible for a 100 employee company to be paying more to use the system than a 2000 employee company simply because they needed more logins. This simply isn’t fair, and results in ATS pricing that is too high for the average small to mid-sized business. iApplicants goal from the start was to only work with the market of underserved small and mid-sized businesses. This required us to create an ATS pricing structure based on a number of employees, not the number of logins. Our pricing model allows us to provide reasonable ATS prices for the smallest of clients, and scale the fees up for those larger groups who will use more of our system.

Great costs starting from $800 a year for iApplicants Applicant Tracking System,
Our Average Applicant Tracking System client spends less than $1500 per year!

Easy Systems make for Happy Managers

The biggest hurdle to getting managers on board with using an applicant tracking system, is to ensure that the system is easy enough that they will understand how to use it. iApplicants provides restricted logins for your managers that can be limited down to only show the areas of the system that they need to see, and nothing else. This makes for easy training, and ensures that your managers will still remember how to use the system, even if they only login once or twice a month.