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Company Website Visitors | Expand Your Applicant Pool

Are you overlooking an excellent source of passive applicants?

If you are like most of our clients, the visitors to your company website are also potential job applicants. This includes your prospects, customers, and clients, as well as employees of your competitors who frequent your website looking for information about your products or services.

iApplicants can help you make the most out of this potential job seeker pool.

iApplicants Company Website Visitors

The most important thing you can do to attract passive applicants is to ensure that you have an up-to-date list of your current openings on your careers page. One of the biggest complaints that job seekers say about company careers pages is that the jobs are not current or up to date. They apply for a job only to find out that it was filled months ago but your IT dept forgot to take it off the list. Even worse, they visit your site and don’t apply because the job that they are looking for is open, but hasn’t been posted on your site yet.

iApplicants provides you with an easy to update company careers page that can be maintained by your HR department without any help from your IT staff.

Automated Job Alerts Via Email & RSS

If a job seeker visits your site, and doesn’t find a job that interests them, what should they do? Many employers leave attracting passive applicants up to chance. They hope that the job seeker will just keep checking back and be lucky enough to visit the site when the perfect job becomes available. Lets hope that they don’t miss it by not checking back often enough.

iApplicants provides an automated job alert tool that will allow passive applicants to signup to receive an alert every time that you post a new job. They can receive these alerts by email or through an rss feed. Visit our automated job alerts page to learn more.

Advertise your Jobs on your Website or Blog

To really target your website visitors, place advertisements that spotlight your current job openings on the pages of your website or company blog. iApplicants XML job feed will provide you with easy to use ads and widgets to place ads and job listings on other pages of your company website, blog, or social networking pages. These tools will automatically update the ads with your most recent job postings without you lifting a finger. Visit our XML job feed page to learn more.

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