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You’ve bought a .jobs domain, now what?

Need a website for your .jobs Domain?

So, you went out and purchased a .jobs domain and now you are wondering what to do with it?

Redirects, Forwards, and Masks are NOT SEO Compliant!

You could just redirect or mask your .jobs domain to your current careers page. This would send applicants automatically to the correct page when they type it in, but this setup will not allow you to get the Search Engine placement that you were promised when you bought the domain. Although your home page could get indexed by Google, your job listings may not get indexed.

In order to use your .jobs domains to get great search engine placement, and therefore free applicants from the search engines, you need to have an actual careers website running on that domain.

Your IT Dept is too busy and too expensive to build and maintain your Careers Website!

Most employers simply don’t have the money or resources to be able to get a website programmed and setup on their .jobs domain. They may have their own IT or Marketing department, but those groups are usually busy working on the websites that generate sales for the business. Even if they can get their own staff to build the website, they can’t get them to keep up the new job postings and content that they want in a timely fashion. Even if your IT staff can handle the work, the cost of building and maintaining your system is much too high!

Based on a recent survey, the #1 complaint of job seekers is that the employer’s career page is inaccurate. It is full of jobs that are already filled and does not have enough information about what it is like to work for the employer and why they should apply.

iApplicants has your Solution!

  • A Careers Website including custom content pages, current job listings, an online employment application, and an easy system for managing your applicants through your hiring process.
  • The entire Careers Website can be managed by any of your HR Staff without any knowledge of HTML! They can instantly update your current job openings, and make changes to the content of your careers site.
  • Your Careers Site is Search Engine Optimized to run on your .jobs domain.
  • Setup in less than 3 business days with no help from your IT Department. iApplicants will do all the work for you, including graphics and programming.
  • Requires less than 1 hour of your own time to get up and running!
  • FREE 30-day Trial to see how it works before you buy.
  • Pricing as low as $69 per month depending on the size of your company.
  • NO Contracts, NO Setups Fees!

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