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EEOC Compliance Reports | Auto Generate EEOC Compliance Reports!

Easily Track Your EEOC Compliance Reports For Applicant Data

iApplicants can be set to automatically track your EEOC and other Federal and State required applicant data. Once the data is collected, we can provide you with the reports you need to give to government agencies as well as data exports in the case of an audit. It is important to have these files and information on file for you records. We make it easy for you to collect the EEOC Reports & Data to then have ready as needed. Our main goal in building these reports was to help you prepare the reports and records so you don’t have to do it by your self.

iApplicants is not your legal council for EEOC Compliance but we can gather the information and put it into report forms for you. It is for your benefit that we do this as gathering this info can be overwhelming, But by using iApplicants we can help this task to be quick and easy for you. If you are needing assistance with learning more about EEOC Outreach & Education.

Lets us help you prepare these Reports so you can focus on other things. Our System will automatically generate these reports for you as soon as you turn them on. We have made it easy for you to prepare these reports, by taking out all the hard number crunching handwork for you. When you need the data & reports we can provide you what you will need to give to the government agencies. Take a close look at the auto generated EEOC Compliance Reports below.

Here is a sample of one of our EEOC report:

EEOC Compliance Report to Export Doc

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