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Email Job Marketing & Job Alert RSS Feed

Would you like to create a pool of passive job seekers to use for future recruiting? Would you like an automated system for letting them know when a new job opens up? Would you like to get the most out of every recruiting dollar spent?

The Challenge: Creating a Passive Applicant Pool

Job seekers visit your careers page and leave without applying.

Employer careers pages are just like any other website. Studies show that a majority of visitors are just window shopping. They click on your help wanted ad, browse through your careers site, but leave without filling out an application.

There may be many reasons why the job seeker left without applying.

  • They didn’t find a job opening that interested them
  • They were over or under qualified for the job you had open
  • They were simply browsing for a new job (maybe while at their current job!) and plan on coming back later

Now… all you can do is sit back and hope they return to your careers page in the future. And happen to return when their dream job is finally available for application.
Wouldn’t it be great if those job seekers could signup to be automatically updated every time you post a new job?

Seems like you start from scratch advertising each new job.

Every time you have a new job come open, you go out and post the job to your normal job boards and recruiting sources, and wait to see what kind of job seekers they generate for you. You don’t have an easy way to contact previous applicants and job seekers who have visited your careers site in the past? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to automatically collect contact information about job seekers visiting your career site, even if they don’t complete your application, and had a system in place to notify those seekers of your new job openings automatically?

The Solution: Use Job Alerts to Create a Following

iApplicants Automatic Job Alerts (FeedBurner Integration)

iApplicants FeedBurner

iApplicants provides a way for your career site visitors to signup for automatic job notification alerts without having to apply for a job or create an account. Each job seeker can choose how they would like to receive job notifications. This includes automated email alerts as well as having your most recent job postings appear on their personal home page or computer desktop (RSS Feeds).

The job alerts are automated through an integration of your iApplicants site with FeedBurner.com.

Customizable Email Job Alerts

Each day FeedBurner.com checks your iApplicants careers site for new jobs, and only sends emails to your job seekers on the days that new jobs appear. FeedBurner.com will allow you to customize the automated email message to say whatever you want it to say.

Job Listings on Personal Homepage & Desktops (via RSS)

iApplicants RSS Feed

FeedBurner.com also allows your job seekers to see an updated list of your most recent job postings every time they log onto their computer or the Internet. Job seekers can choose to have your job listings pushed to their personal homepage such as iGoogle, MyYahoo, etc, or have a widget on their computer desktop. This same RSS feed can also be used to push your job listings to their favorite RSS reader.

Don’t worry, we’ll set it all up for you.

You may be asking yourself “How does this work?” or “I’m not a techie… this sounds too hard.” Don’t be discouraged, iApplicants will setup the job notification system, including the setup of your FeedBurner.com account, with the creation of your iApplicants site. You don’t need to know anything about FeedBurner.com or RSS feeds, we will do all of the work for you!

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