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Interview Questions To Ask | Questions To Ask In An Interview

Are you looking for interview questions to ask your applicants, so you can filter out job seekers of your applicant pool? Looking to screen out people who don’t fit your company culture? Would you like to use your initial interview to screen applicants based on integrity, reliability, work ethic, and substance abuse? Would you like to lower your turnover, and increase the quality of the people you consider further and end up hiring?

Applicants Specific Interview Questions to ask and Guide

The interviewing guide will help with your initial interview to look for applicants with integrity, who are reliable, who have a strong work ethic, and who have negative attitudes toward illegal substance abuse in the work place.

This interview questions to ask guide isn’t intended to tell you who to hire or if they are qualified for the job, but to instead help you screen out the worst people in your applicant pool. These tend to be the applicants, who if hired, are most likely to steal from your company, not show up to work on time, not follow your rules and safety procedures, fail random drug tests and not give you an honest day’s work or effort.

Interview Questions Based on Direct Admission

The first section of the interview guide will provide you with a profile of the applicant including their previous work history, issues with supervisors, quitting and terminations, theft, illegal substance abuse, and criminal convictions.

Interview Questions Based on Work Related Attitudes

The next section will provide you with specific interview questions to help you understand their attitudes toward integrity, reliability, work ethic, and substance abuse. The definitions of the attitudes will provide better insight into why this information will be so valuable:

  • Integrity ‒ Adherence to moral and ethical principles acceptable in the workplace.
  • Substance Abuse ‒ Attitudes toward substance abuse in the workplace.
  • Reliability ‒ Attitudes concerning following procedures, dealing with authority figures and working positively with others in the workplace.
  • Work Ethic ‒ Believe in the value of work and appropriate supervisory relationships in the workplace.
  • Comparison of Applicant to the US Working Population

    The final section will give you a way to score the applicant and compare them to the US working population on the above mentioned attitudes. These scores will help you create a base line of minimum levels to move forward in the screening process.

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