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Sample Job Application | Sample Employment Application Template

Sample Job Application Templates are built into our online application management system, and it has the ability to help you start accepting employment applications online. Your iApplicants system will allow you to have a custom online employment application. The goal of this customization will be to ensure that your new iApplicants employment application asks the same questions as your current paper application, or if you don’t currently have a paper application, to allow you to customize our sample template to fit your specific needs.

Watch the short video below to see how it works!

Start with our Sample Employment Application Template

When your iApplicants system is setup, it will include a sample employment application template already installed. This application looks just like a standard paper employment application template that you might find in an office store or order online. It will include personal information, previous employers, education history, etc. Our suggestion will be for you to print off the application and mark it up with any changes that you might desire.

Cross out the Questions you Don’t Want

The first step in customizing your iApplicants employment application is to cross off any questions on the default application template that you do not want to ask. We will remove these questions from your customized application so that they are not asked to job applicants.

Change the Wording of Employment Application Questions

Next step will be to change the wording on any of the remaining questions that you want to be a bit different from the sample wording on the employment applications. Perhaps you want to ask for “Phone” instead of “Telephone” for example. We will take these changes and update your employment application.

Provide us Additional Questions to Add to the Employment Application

Third step is to provide us with any additional questions and content that you would like to add to your Job Application. This includes asking race/gender questions for EEO, allowing applicants to upload a resume, providing us custom text for the instructions or disclosure areas of your job application, etc.

Decide which Questions to Require

The final step in customizing our sample employment application template is to take one final look at your customized employment application and decide which questions should be required for all applicants who submit an application.

Ready to Receive Applications!

Might seem like a long process, but it takes the average client less than 30 minutes to provide us with information needed to completely customize their iApplicants employment application.