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Applicant Screening | Job Based Qualification Applicant Screening

Minimum Qualification Screening

Use iApplicants for minimum qualification screening and see this group quickly and easily.


Use iApplicants as a tool for applicant minimum qualification screening.  Do you generate large numbers of interested applicants for your job openings? Are you looking for a better way to screen out all of the unqualified applicants? Would you like to quickly get to a list of qualified applicants based on the minimum qualifications for your jobs?

Post Jobs with Minimum Qualification Screening Questions

Like most employers, you probably list the minimum qualifications in your help wanted ads, but many times unqualified applicants will submit their resume to the job in hopes that you won’t notice their lack of qualifications.

When you post a new job to your iApplicants careers site, you will have the option to add up to 10 screening questions specific to the job you are posting. These questions can be used to ask about whether the applicants for that job meet the minimum qualification screening for the job.

Job Screening Questions asked at time of Application

By using the iApplicants application tracking system, each person who is interested in applying for a position with your company will be asked to fill out your standard employment application. Based on the job or jobs that they indicate interest, the second page will ask them up to 10 job specific screening questions for each job they applied for.

Job Qualification Questions Screening Report – Workflow

There are 2 ways that you can use the job screening questions to work through your applicant pool. If you have a small number of applicants for your job, then you can simply view the person’s application, and see their answers to your screen questions.

If your jobs receive large numbers of applications, iApplicants has a screening questions report that will allow you to view all applicants for a specific position, and their answers to the screening questions for that job. You can click on the report headings to sort the applicant data so that applicants are grouped together based on their qualifications. This report works as a workflow tool that will let you quickly screen out the applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications of that specific job.

Here is a sample screenshot of the report:

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