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Applicant Source Tracking | We Can Help Track Your Best Sources!

Would you like to track your best sources of applicants?

Track the results of your Help Wanted ads!

applicant source tracking for your applicants

iApplicants helps you see where your applicants came from with our applicant source tracking reports.

iApplicants is an applicant tracking system that allow you to automatically track the sources of your applicants. When your iApplicants site is launched, we will have already added your current recruiting advertising sources. You can easily add more sources later as you change your recruiting campaigns. Tracking your applicant sources is as simple as running a source report, either by job, or for all jobs. If you are using the interview and hire dates in our applicant tracking area, you will also be able to see how many qualified applicants and hires you get from each of your sources.

To take source tracking to a whole new level, you can even track changes in the text of your help wanted ads to compare the differences in number of applicants, qualified applicants, and hires that result from different text campaigns.

Here is a sample of our applicant source tracking report:

iApplicants Source Tracking Report Example
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