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Handling A Difficult Employee

Handling A Difficult Employee

Difficult employees.  Chances are we all know one, or even work with one right now.  Nothing can drive down productivity and morale like a difficult employee.   However, you don’t need to let  one abrasive employee ruin it for everyone else.  With a little time and patience you can turn that negative Nancy into a productive Peter.  Remember, a good conversation can, at the bottom line, help you decrease your turn over Go in with a clear head First and foremost, take a deep breath. Getting upset wont do anything for anyone, and can often make matters worse.  So before you go into any sort of interaction with this employee, remind yourself that they do not decide how you’re feeling.  Chances are they are already upset, so one of you needs to keep a clear head, otherwise no progress will be made.  Remind yourself that you are here, as a representative of the company, and you should compose yourself as such.  Screaming and yelling will only result in both of you feeling worse than before, and can often times get you both in trouble.  Don’t let one employees negative attitude become contagious. Don’t let one employees negative attitude become contagious. 2. Listen to what they are saying Now that you have taken a deep, cleansing breath, and cleared your head, you are ready for (In my opinion) the most important part: Listening.   Something is obviously frustrating this difficult employee, so do both of you a favor and listen.  Really listen.  You can’t get to the root of the problem until you really know what the problem is.  One of my favorite videos on Youtube right now is “It’s not. . .

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