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Three More Tips for Optimizing Your Job Ads

Three More Tips for Optimizing Your Job Ads

Job ads are the gateway to qualified job applicants.  As I mentioned in my first job ads post, job ads are probably an applicant’s first real exposure to your company.  Make the impression a good one.  Of course, it’s not really as simple as snapping one’s fingers and creating killer job ads, but with the couple of tips I shared in my last post, and the few I’ll be sharing here, you should have a very solid starting point to creating optimized job ads.  Even if you are feeling a little overwhelmed trying to streamline your hiring process. Use strategic keywords in your job ads. This section is a blog post in and of itself, but I’ll highlight some key points to remember when building a keywords strategy for your job ads.  The first step is to analyze the language you use.  Most people when writing something (unless they’re professional writers/marketers) tend to write items from their own perspective, and HR is no exception.  Writing from your own viewpoint isn’t a bad thing per se, it just limits how well received it may be by others who read it. Job ads are really advertisements selling your open positions. Because HR tends to very compliant minded, a lot of the language used in job ads sounds very legal and dry.  Again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing until you realize that job ads are really advertisements selling your open positions.  You’re writing an advertisement to sell something to a customer (applicant), so you want to use selective language that will appeal to your applicants.  In tech terms, you want to choose targeted keywords or keyword phrases that job candidates will use to. . .

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