ATS Training For Our Clients Is FREE and Personalized

Getting you up and running with iApplicants is our number one priority, and we would never charge you just to help you learn how to use our system! In designing iApplicants, our main goal was to make a system that was so easy to use that the average person could use it without any training, but that doesn't mean we are leaving you to figure it out on your own.

Choose the training and help that best fits your needs:

One-on-One Personalized Training:

Each of our clients is assigned to an account rep who can provide you with live one-on-one demos and training on the system. We also have a dedicated training advisor to provide any training or live support to help you get up and using iApplicants during the 30-day FREE trial period. We generally don't use webinars to train groups of clients at the same time, but prefer one-on-one training to ensure that your specific questions are answered. We can also provide training to groups of your managers at the same time.

User Guide:

iApplicants provides a downloadable pdf user guide that can be downloaded and saved to your desktop, or printed out to go on your desk. This guide includes instructions as well as screen shots that will walk you step by step through the functions of iApplicants.

Self-paced Video Training:

iApplicants has produced various training and feature videos that can be watched in whole or part, at your own pace, to get you up to speed on how to use the system.

Helpful Hints:

The most important fields on the iApplicants system, especially those that pertain to the posting of jobs, have links attached to them that will provide a quick hint about what the field Is used for. This hint box will talk about what the field is used for, and provide answers to some common questions. Look at the image below to see an example of what they look like.

Our Applicant Tracking System has Helpful Hits & Tricks