.Jobs Domains For Employers | Why .Jobs Domains Are Important

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The most important page to a job seeker is the one with jobs content. A reported $10 billion is spent by employers every year on recruitment ads that send job seekers to the employer's home page. Why send your applicants to your home page and hope they find your careers section when you could point them directly to your jobs page. A .jobs domain is all about telling job seekers the EXACT online destination for YOUR employment opportunities.

.JOBS Domains Are A Consistent Employer Branding

The .jobs Domain web address is your online identity to the outside world. www.disneyland.com is the home page identity of the company. www.disneyland.jobs is the jobs page identity of the company. A .jobs domain facilitates consistent employer branding to a targeted audience for a targeted purpose.

.JOBS Domains Are Very Search Engine Friendly

Generate More Applicants directly from the Search Engines without paying for them! Free search has become a critically useful application of the Internet. Search engines are commonly known for their ability to organically index and then rank the "homepage" of your company website, funneling targeted traffic that numbers in the millions to the company homepage. The ability to be found - combined with a concerted effort to optimize - is a crucial strategy for just about any business in today's world. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are about your ability to be found by those that are searching for you.

The benefits of "Internet search" have proven elusive to HR related goals of the company. This is because the jobs or careers page of your company has evolved to become embedded somewhere behind the company's homepage, making it difficult for search engines to find, index, and then rank it. Put another way, you are invisible.

.jobs domain unlocks the value of search by allowing your www.companyname.jobs to act and be "seen" as a homepage by the major search engines. When you are seen, then you are indexed. All of the benefits of optimization are then at your finger tips.

.JOBS Domains Are A Great Way To Qualify Applicants

The ability to quantify traffic from an ad is crucial to recruitment investment decisions and strategies. Recruitment ads that direct job seekers to your homepage provide little ability for you to measure the success of your ads. A .jobs domain allows you to easily quantify traffic you receive from your recruitment ads. You will know which ads are generating the most interest and providing you a return on your recruiting budget.

Already have a .jobs domain? CLICK HERE IF YOU HAVE A .JOBS DOMAIN!