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iApplicants is looking for resellers to represent our Applicant Tracking System to potential clients in their local area. If you work directly with decision makers and want an additional source of income for your business, then you've come to the right place. Some of our most successful resellers are hiring assessment, background check, and payroll providers as well as HR consultants and coaches.

Create a Residual Annual Income

Our reseller program provides you with a high quality product that most of your clients need. The target market for our products are employers with 20 to 3000 employees. Our software is sold as an annual or quarterly license so that over time you will build up a residual stream of additional revenue for your business.

We have 2 options when it comes to reselling iApplicants: Reseller Program and Referral-Affiliate Program.

Reseller Program

Through our Reseller Program, you will be able to offer iApplicants to your clients and prospects. You can demonstrate iApplicants to your clients via the web or in person, or invite them to watch an online demo and we will do the presenting for you. After they have seen the demo, you will follow up with them to answer any questions they might have, and offer them a FREE 30-day trial. At the end of their trial, close the sale, and send them a bill. We will then bill you directly for the wholesale cost of the system.

Reseller Program Details

Our reseller program requires an initial investment to cover the costs of training and getting you up to speed, but that money will be placed as a credit on your account to cover future wholesale invoices. We will start you off with a generous wholesale pricing schedule that will be become more lucrative as you prove your ability to sell iApplicants.

Referral-Affiliate Program

Our reseller program may not be right for you, if you'd like something more simple that will not require any initial investment, where you can just refer prospects to us and let us do all the demo and sales work, then click here to learn more about our Affiliate Program.

Learn More about our Reseller Program

To learn more about our Reseller Program, please send an email to